Campus Life

Campus Life



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Tsukuba University of Technology has two campuses. One is the Amakubo Campus, where students with hearing disabilities mainly study, and the other is the Kasuga Campus, where students with visual disabilities mainly study.

Dormitory information

  • Amakubo Campus (for the Hearing Impaired)

Student dormitories: 5 buildings, 190 rooms.
Units made up of 5 to 6 rooms (common kitchen-dining room, lavatory and laundry), 1 building exclusively for female students with private rooms (kitchenette each, common bathroom/lavatory and laundry) and Office building (lounge, meeting room, lavatory and large common baths for male students).

  • Kasuga Campus (for the Visually Impaired)

Student dormitories: 4 buildings, 157 rooms, 4 or 6 private rooms make up 1 unit; a common kitchen-dining room, laundry and lavatory.
Dormitory office (1 building): large common baths, lavatory, lounge, study room.

Health Service Center

This facility is dedicated to offering support and advice about health in order to allow students and teaching staff members to study healthily and comfortably in body and in mind. At this facility, unreserved advice is offered also for problems, concerns, anxieties, and the like in addition to regular medical checkup and responses to illnesses and injuries suffered in daily campus life.

Student Clubs


Culture Circle "A to Z" Tea Ceremony Club, Cooking Club, Anma Do, Radio Circle, Band Circle, PC Volunteer Circle, From Our Voice(Volunteer Circle), Smart Speaker Application Development Team, Chorus Circle, Visual Expression Study Group, E-sports Circle


I.D.F.C (Ibaraki prefecture Deaf Football Club), NTUT Volleyball Club, BADMINTOX (Badminton Club), Baseball Club, Basketball Club, NTUT Track & Field Club, Rifle shooting club, Floor Volleyball Circle, SFIDA (Low Vision Futsal Circle), GoalBall Circle, Running Circle, Healthcare Circle