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Message from the President

The Tsukuba University of Technology is a National University Corporation, which was founded 30 years ago as a unique, higher- education facility specializing in educating students with auditory and visual difficulties in order to “encourage students under the visual and auditory constraints to study to the fullest and improve their abilities in a barrier-free educational environment, and accomplish their social independence while participating in and contributing to society as leaders.” Since its foundation, the university has built an environment which allows all students with disabilities to complete their academic curricula successfully by making every effort to improve the educational quality and the student support system, and promoting research and development activities focusing on information security and education methods. As a consequence, the employment rate of our new graduates is very high every year, corroborating our status as a successful educational institution turning out educated young people who are able fully to participate in and contribute to society, and successfully improving the educational quality for person with disabilities.

Currently, we are promoting practical education activities aimed at encouraging our students to attain social independence with the vision that our functionality as a national university corporation must be reinforced based on educational know-how and information security technology for students with auditory and visual difficulties, which we have developed over the past quarter of a century. As part of our undergraduate education program, we offer learning opportunities by promoting the concept of active learning, the development of global human resources, the support for career development aimed at social independence, clinical exercises for training practical health professionals, etc. Our graduate school, which is specialized in Information Accessibility, is now on the track, allowing graduates to play active roles in new academic fields exemplified by disability aids and information security. Also, as a shared base of higher education for disabled people nationwide, we are steadily implementing our vision by building a shared network as well as our functionality for the support of disabled students of other universities and the like.

This fiscal year, the construction of the General Research Center was completed. This Center will enhance research facilities for graduate students. Thus, the quality of concentrated research activities such as the technological research and development for persons with auditory and visual difficulties, the integrated study of engineering and design, the study of the information security system, etc. is expected to be continually improved.

In the future, we plan to renovate our university structure in order to respond to diversified social needs with a resolve further to improve our network of education, research, social contribution and support for disabled persons, and evolve to become a university upon which society and disabled people rely.

President, Norio OHKOSHI