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Soul Impression, Culture Circle “A to Z”, TCT-Studio, Fashion Circle, Amma Do, Sign Language・Braille Accessibility Communications, YOSAKOI dancing team, Tsukuba Casey’s, Widen Our World, IGO & SHOGI, Digital Music Circle, Artistic Illustration club, Applied Manual Therapy Circle


Soccer, Futsal, Tennis, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Baseball, Badminton, Basketball, Swimming, Floor Volleyball, Speed Roller, Track & Field, Taijiquan, Physical Training Club



There are two campuses, one at Amakubo where the Division of Industrial Technology accepts hearing-impaired students and another at Kasuga where the Division of Health Sciences accepts visually-impaired students.


Dormitory information

  • Amakubo Campus (for the Hearing Impaired)              

Student dormitories: 5 buildings, 190 rooms.
Units made up of 5 to 6 rooms (common kitchen-dining room, lavatory and laundry), 1 building exclusively for female students with private rooms (kitchenette each, common bathroom/lavatory and laundry) and Office building (lounge, meeting room, lavatory and large common baths for male students).

  • Kasuga Campus (for the Visually Impaired)

Student dormitories: 4 buildings, 157 rooms, 4 or 6 private rooms make up 1 unit; a common kitchen-dining room, laundry and lavatory.
Dormitory office (1 building): large common baths, lavatory, lounge, study room.

Health Service Center

The aim of NTUT Health Service Center is to promote students' physical and psychological well-being which supports student success and enhances the quality of campus life at NTUT. In addition to the regular check-up and the proper treatment for common illnesses or minor injuries, we'll be glad to listen to various problems in the classes, club activities or dormitories.