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Graduate School of Technology and Science

The goal of our Graduate School of Technology and Science at the Tsukuba University of Technology is to train experts who: - have ample knowledge and specialized research skills in industrial sciences and medical technologies - can contribute or respond to needs from private companies or medical institutions - can be leaders of the hearing or visually impaired in the local community or in the work place.

  • Division of Industrial Technology
  • Division of Health Sciences

Division of Industrial Technology

The division of Industrial Technology offers three specialized programs: Course of Information Science, Course of System Engineering, and the Course of Synthetic Design. Each course is designed such that students can gain knowledge and experience in conducting research and in writing articles in the specific research field.

Course of Information Science

The goal of this program is to help students understand the essence of rapidly developing networks of information systems and to produce experts who can apply their knowledge to developing new technologies in information science.

Course of System Engineering

The goal of this program is to produce leading experts who can identify and solve new and existing problems in the interactions between humans and systems.

Course of Synthetic Design

The goal of this program is to produce leading experts who can design systems to assist our creative activities or emphasize the characteristics of the five senses in humans.

Division of Health Sciences

This Division consists of three courses to foster well-educated professionals who have integrated knowledge and skills in their specialized field, who undertake a central role in society, and who participate in the planning and contribute to social development as leaders of the visually impaired.

Course of Acupuncture and Moxibustion

The curriculum focuses on general clinical subjects. After completing the basic course and the techniques on acupuncture, moxibustion, and manual therapy the students study more expert general clinical subjects, which lead to them being well versed in basic and clinical medicine.

Course of Physical Therapy

The Master Course in Physical Therapy is an advanced program designed to pursue clinical professionalism and research for physical therapists with interests in careers in teaching and in clinical research.

Course of Information Science

The curriculum features subjects selected from 1) information technology, 2) computer science, 3) business management and 4) visual assistive technologies. A student can be a specialist of information technologies with excellence in assistive technologies by taking subjects from either 1), 2) and 3) area, and additionally ones from area 4), which serves as a core subject area in this course.